Start the Journey of searching Modernism with CTS class

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Last Thursday is the first class of CTS, and our teacher Sharon told us we are going to learn about Modernism by studying those decent and change it brought to society. What Sharon also taught us about how to explore the theme we are going to learn is, to Research, to Do Critical thinking, to Question, to Analyze and to Collaborate. We were been shown of some art pieces at class and been asked to make a guess about when they were been created and discuss those paintings. Unfortunately I have no idea about the history of them, so I just get one answer almost close to the right time.  At the end of class, we were asked to think about as much as subject that can be connected with Modernism in our mind, and I chose self-identity to talk about.

The development of Technology and social media really changed society a lot, and they still do. But the social network derived from them really change the way people see themselves. And  I think the change of self-identity influenced by We Media represent Modernism at present.

Those people who cannot live without social network regard their words as some kind of public speaking. And they care about their identities based on their figure set up with social network. In the meantime, social network give equal right for everyone to show themselves, not only politicians, celebrities or news media can spread the effect, normal people can do that as well. Youtube, Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, there are so many various platforms for people to “publish” about how they see and think of this world, like the critic of politics, the judge of news, the knowledge and experiences, etc… people speak for themselves on We Media. The world is following Andy Warhol’s theory of 15 minutes of fame.

How modernism innovates society is just like how social network do. They are both revolutionary(We Media change the way people communicate, expand ideas and create big effect), democratic(everyone has the right and opportunity to “speak” loud) , subjective(We Media is subjective since it’s based on the only one person’s mind) , and reveal the individuality(still, it’s based on specific one’s personality and activities) . After all, our opinions shows how we see this world, and if can be spread to everyone, that definitely influence how people see themselves, aka, self-identify.

Besides the above, I also look into the Modernism in my daily life. I select some pictures of architecture I took while I wondering around Primrose Hill not only because I found them beautiful but also because of those building reminds me about modernism.  I think that’s how I feel about Modernism for now.

All those LINES and CURVES were designed without any more decoration but only based on function and simplicity. I like the structure revealed with a sense of ordered lines and all those texture of material been used.  I also found those geographical elements create a kind of silent but vivid movement between the structures, which is really fascinating.


  this budiling is amzing…

  this one is amazing too!!!! it’s just so different from normal buildings. It reminds me of some film depict about Utopia…

    the reputation of the same elements

tumblr_nw4sydl2dH1rgp5yeo1_540 do a sketch of this photo I took on the bridge to the Tate Modern

  • the style of Tate Modern’s  outlook is really modernism..




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