Getting to know about DADA and Surrealism 

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015


At the second CTS class, we learned about DADA and Surrealism through essence theories and various artists who play an important role in each art movement. Questioning, discussing and playing the game is also our way of leaning, I feel great by leaning through this way lead by our course tutor at class.

I think Dada use a very extreme way to question about art. They definitely overthrow the whole art world, or maybe not only art world, but also overthrow the traditional aesthics in this world. They create chaos and find out a whole new WAY OF SEEING ART. Everything that been consciously given the meaning represent the ART, which leads the whole world to step up on a new standpoint of how we feel and know about the things that matter in our life.  Art is not only about beauty and pleasure. After Dada, art can go deep into the most preposeterous and the most contraversial part that fuilled with paradox of the world, which depict the diversity and madness of this world much better than before.

  • Key Words Summary of—-


Challenging,Questioning, irritating, conceptual, madness


playful,  humorous, representational, imaginative, strong visual impact


Here is four Exquisite Corpse drawing of our group;) I like them so much, so surprising~


Here is the Book research we did at the 40 minutes in library for today’s class. And we looked into the books related to our group’s topic: self-identity.

We chhhose to search for topic about Feamine identity related books. 
  Woman head on Miltary style dress up girl.
At last, I put my process of doing a Dadaist Poem:

find a interesting picture on Internet.

I think it really reveal the sprint of DADA in a ironic contemporary way.   



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