CUBISM only existed in the past.

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

The most interesting thing about today’s class is a question we talked about—-

“Is a painting nowadays still been counted as a CUBISM work if it’s painted in cubism style?”

After the group discussion at class, the conclusion is :

maybe those works could have similarity on the visual style, but the philosophy and value behind the works are completely different.

I think art works al being created based on different social, history, political or cultural background.  To understand clearly of the meaning behind an art work is the key to separate the works with similar visual style. In another words, no matter technically or literally, the work nowadays with a cubism visual style cannot be count as CUBISM work since they are being created with completely different background. But we might still use the sense of feeling in CUBISM work, like the way of  not obeying traditional viewpoint to draw/do work but draw/do work in a abstract, exaggerated view point.

The “Cubism” painting our group draw for each other at class.



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