Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

What are the the similarity and difference between DADA, Cubism, and Futurism?

All of them brought chaos to the world and challenged the traditional, classical aesthetics, but they are began with various background of society and history, which made them reveal either different visual style or meaning.

  • Cubism was influenced by african art a lot. They disobeyed the rules of perspectives and created new aesthetic of art.
  • Futurism were influenced by society change coming with machine age and the new industrial world.  While they glorified the violence and war, they use their work to reveal the “dynamism, the energy and movement, of modern life” by using the chosen medium—-painting.
  • DADA were influenced by the chaos brought by the 1st World War, so their work like questioning the world. They are very conceptual, irritating and challenging. The definition of ” what is art” was bringing with the new meaning to the world after that. Anything could be art in some degree.

What kind of stupid art movement would be so contractive? here are some characteristics of Futurism—-

  • Anti-feminist, AND YET there were active female members
  • Glorified the machine, AND YET avoided using film
  • Rejected the institutions of government and orthodoxy AND YET embraced Nationalism and ultimately Mussolini’s nascent fascist movement

Here is my BLAST and BLESS manifesto:

BLAST violence, BLAST war, BLAST politics, BLAST ego, BLAST envy, BLAST apathy.

BLESS peace, BLESS ballon, BLESS children, BLESS religion, BLESS kindness, BLESS transsexual, BLESS LGBT, BLESS eco, BLESS sea, BLESS family, BLESS loneliness.

Timeline of Art movements between 1905-1939 include Cubism, Futurism, Constructvism, Dadax Surrealism.


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