Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

“The Relationship between people and living spaces”

There are several question I found really interesting of today’s class—What is Great Design?

  The notes I took that I found interesting to consider about because they also link with the project I need to think in my interaction design project.

How movement define the space?

I watched a documentary that talked about Bauhaus. There are a lot of interesting thing inside.

The.Genius.of.Design.Ep2.Designs.for.Living,2009, BBC Television Two.

Since the Bauhaus movement was driven by concern over the effects on industrial society on the quality of life of the general population(Nina ,2015), the artist at that time tried material like tubular steel origin from bicycle frames making to make half structure as well as half product craft. (BBC 2015) Because  reinforced concrete makes it easier to satisfy the functional needs, also it makes possible the introduction of higher stands of comfort’. (Rowland,1973: p.156) Bauhaus can be said to have influenced contemporary design in that ideas such as Rowland’s, are expressed in designs that emphasis function over aesthetic or decorative properties. For example, a female architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky created a domestic kitchen named Frankfurt kitchen to enable work efficiency based on the study of worker’s movement. The time and motion study was used there to improve working methods. However, under this kind of design, the kitchen space is too confined for people to move further apart from their basic movement for working inside the space, which is uncomfortable for real interaction for human being. There is a comic book named ‘How to living a Flat’  showed the absurdity of modernity by widely exaggerating modernism in the comic. But in a way, it indeed shows how people adjust with a modernism design that sometimes make them feel unacceptable because it’s too different than the old version of their living space and life style. Therefore, Bauhaus lean to teach their student how to perfect their functional design with reasonable predicted motion behind with beauty but still remain low cost that could be mass production.


Teaching Power Point:

Mickwitz Nina, (2015)

London College of Communication, BAUHAUS IID and IDA-CTS semester 1

Books and Journals:

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The.Genius.of.Design.Ep2.Designs.for.Living,2009, BBC Television Two

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Fig.2 View of look to the outside in Bauhaus Dessau. Lins, O. (2012). Bauhaus Dessau. Part I.. [online] Olex Blog. Available at: [Accessed 10 Dec. 2015].

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Fig.3 Entrance to London College of Communication, image Author’s own, 2015

Fig.5 Entrance to London College of Communication, image Author’s own, 2015

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