Jojo’s Rescue

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 14.01.04There once was a tiger called Jojo, small in size but full of energy. She and her friends would often play together day by day near the river. One day her friends got kidnapped by a hunter. Jojo was too small to defeat the hunter, therefore she could not do anything to rescue her friends. She then decided to grow stronger and learn how to fight in order to defeat the hunter and rescue her friends. While she was training, she saw an explorer being attacked by a snake. The explorer was screaming for help, so Jojo rescued the explorer.

As a thank you, the explorer decided to help Jojo find her friends. The explorer knew the location of the hunter, therefore she assumed the animals would be with him as well. Jojo and the explorer went on a journey to find the hunter.

They found the hunter. Jojo’s friends were put into cages. This made her angry and attack the hunter.  The explorer caught the hunter before he tried to escape and took him to the police.

Jojo was finally able to free her friends from the cages and they all went back to the jungle.


One comment on “Jojo’s Rescue

  1. Lange Ye says:

    Propp’s Structuralist Analysis:

    Hero: Jojo
    Princess: her friend
    The Villian: hunter
    Helper: explorer


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