Fairytales+?=Interactive Narratives

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

Propp’s structural analysis is helpful when analysing stories in ? way?

Analysing structure can clarify when events or characters aren’t functioning as they should…

Structure Analysis

Morphology(study of forms) of the folktale

FUNCTION of character (leads their action) > Character’s dramatic personae

focus on what they do instead of who they are

sphere of action(31 in the list) ->character personae (7 main)

• The villain
• The donor
• The helper
• The princess, and her father

• The dispatcher

• The hero (seeker-hero, victim hero)

• The false hero

“The fairy tale simplifies all situations. Its figures are clearly drawn; and details, unless very important, are eliminated. all characters are typical rather than unique.” (p8, Bettelhelm,1991)

in what ways can fairy tale be seen as interactive narratives?

since old folk fairy tale was the result of a story being shaped and reshape end by being told million of times, by different adults to all kinds of other adults and children. The storytelling process play an important role in how children been influenced by fairytale.

“Children not only know how to deal with parental distortions of fairy tales, but they also have their own ways to dealing with story elements which run counter to their emotional needs.” 

The story will be reshaped in children’s mind when there are some activity happened, and they adjust the version of fairytale into their needs or their circumstances. 
For example, a mother postponed the catastrophes till next morning so her child can imagine freely about what’s going to happen next. And the mother will reshaped the story beaded on her child’s imagination some how. And her child will be excited about the story much more. This kind of interactive storytelling and receiving process create a replaced version of fairy tale, which based on specific childhood, is more meaningful for how much can a fairy tale works. 

A fairytale guide a child to find solutions to the problems that beats him, and guide him to understand himself. 


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