Actual Places

Monday, April 18th, 2016

People find meaning in a place not by accessing a “true”

denotation but by finding a connotation based on what

they are predisposed to look for’ (Davis 2005, pp. 610).

  • connotation 暗示,内涵—-the way been experienced and understood with selected meanings based on specific interpretations
  • denotation 字面意义,注释—-representation of a place


shape place: based on interpretation of given place, and informed by semiotic linking of representations of similar places.

(Davis 2005, p. 607)


A place is both actual and discursive, meaning that it is constructed by the way it is symbolically constructed, produced and re-produced through language and other signs (media texts, literature, images, film) etc.


  • 森山大道
  • 161445404D1

Japanese photography after world war II

(how photography been influenced as well as constructing the representation and meaning of specific actual places?


  • How photography and poetry create an actual experience of an actual place?


  • 摄影项目 从窗户往外看观察到的用洞洞显现出来的影像,往对面楼看的窗户和反光,
  • 地方特征和拍摄取景、取材的不同,表现的是情绪?社会关系,变化场景等周遭让观察者本身审视了自己和周围?故事还是没有结局和固定理解的碎片意识流?传递了什么观念?
  • 有什么代表性的事物用不同的角度去凸显了不同的性质吗?
  • the relationship between actual places, memories, belong-ship,  how we see the world,
  • the objects?
  • street photography, photography project, poetry photography,



image source:





  • non-place


  • actual place in fiction— the fiction contributed significantly to the way a place is experienced

how the human interact with the place construct the meaning of the place (installation, art work) 

Olafur Eliason


How have representations of a place shaped your actual experience of that location?


For my hometown: Guangzhou. the representation of Guangzhou is the food there. The high acceptance of food also leads to high acceptance of culture, and people’s attitude to the food, like soup and morning tea. People who live and work in old town as traditional Guangdong Citizen make a great contrast to the developed cityscape in the center of the city. In old town, there are more old people.

For London:

Modernity , high efficiency and quality, ordered, distant, polite, educated, high acceptance of urban culture(not as open as New York or some other European city actually).


Consider the key symbols and representations that construct ‘London’, and consider how this image corresponds to your experience of living in the city

The traffic(underground, bus,)  罢工,游行-明主?city workers and



reference list:


picture resource:

17 New Images From Pixar’s UP


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