Imaginary Worlds

Monday, April 18th, 2016
  1. How to build an Imaginary World?
  • Analogy—-copy, combine, transform
  • Another Analogy—-take a real world phenomenon and turn it on its head

2.Principles of theImaginary World?



  • self discovery journey
  • The worlds are designed to play with the rules of logic and the known world, turning them on their heads.


    (Bartle, 2009)

4.Questions to ask of the design process of a imaginary world

  1. Does it give EVIDENCE?
  2. what are its geographical, physical and atmospheric features?
  3. Do these features make the world convincing? believable? COHERENT?
  4. Does it give the audience/player room to do their imagination?
  5. Is it centered on the EXPERIENCE?



What are the most important purposes of imaginary world?

there are two purpose of imaginary world:

1. work as a model to help us confront and understand the real world.

What I want my alphabet to convey to the reader is the sensation that children feel in front of books they cannot yet understand. ((Luigi Serafini,2013)

2. remix “dream, fantasy, phenomenon cannot be understand(—>myth) , and evidence of reality” to build a new model


RATHER THAN SEEING FICTION as simply entertainment, separated out from reality, then, it makes more sense to see works of fiction as models of this world, the real world, the one world we’ve got. Of course, the dragon inThe Hobbit isn’t meant to indicate that dragons are real — part of the fun of building models is thinking about “what ifs” and imagining what could or couldn’t work. But The Hobbit is still a model about (for example) how greed works, when violence is worthwhile or ennobling, what you do with monsters, whether it’s more fun and virtuous to sit at home or to go on exciting adventures, and what guys get to do and girls don’t.

3. entering an imaginary world also build a new imaginary world in our mind based on our personal experience and interpretation of this imaginary world—-

You see what you want to see. You might think it’s speaking to you, but it’s just your imagination. (Luigi Serafini,2013)






What subjects does the imaginary world of

——— explore, and how?

Codex Seraphinianus: History’s Most Bizarre and Beautiful Encyclopedia, Brought Back to Life

Codex Seraphinianus: History’s Most Bizarre and Beautiful Encyclopedia, Brought Back to Life

Confronting Reality by Reading Fantasy


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